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Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Solution provides complete medical billing services with an exceptional and energetic team who have good knowledge of Insurance companies rules and regulations. We have the expertise in converting accounts receivable into cash through a systematic approach. We have the flexibility of working with client’s billing software as well as our own software. We do have certified coders and experienced people who analyze the accounts and give us feedback. We assure that your billing is in good hands. The Superbills are received either by fax, FTP or mail. All the bills are scanned and kept in electronic or digital format. The coding process is completed for these bills considering the extent of physical examination, the complexity of medical decisions made and the history of the patients.

Services Offered:

1. Charge-entry team now creates the actual claim/bill. They also look-up the codes in the claims and assign relevant charges for these codes. Thus a claim is created with all the relevant information which is ready for audit and further transmission to insurance company through proper clearing houses.

2. Medical or Healthcare insurance claims sent are followed promptly with the insurance companies. This team makes sure that they either receive the approved claims or denied or rejected claims. These are thus forwarded to the next team for further process.

3. The accounts receivables have to be cleared and hence constant follow-up has to be done for the claims to be adjudicated.

4. Approved claims are sent to the clients for re-imbursement. The denied or rejected claims are sent to the Denial Team for rework or resubmission

5. The Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) is studied thoroughly and denied claims are corrected and appealed for reconsideration and rejected claims are corrected and resubmitted.

We work effectively so that the Accounts Receivables is reduced while helping them to assuage costs and hassles of the organization. In short, the clients business is in serving the patients and our business is in expediting your billing procedures. We as a team can eliminate the delay between the patients and payments.

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