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Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription is the process of converting a doctor's dictation into text format. Doctors record their observation, diagnosis and prescription, which is sent to us through a secured server and is in turn given to our highly skilled transcriptionists to start off with the transcription. All our employees are highly experienced and skilled and hence different kinds of reports for a variety of specialties can be transcribed at high accuracy rates. These reports are transcribed with 100% compliance to the client’s requirements and instructions. These transcribed reports go through strict quality check done by highly efficient medical editors and quality specialists.

We can efficiently transcribe any type of format. The client can send us the recorded data through our secure transcription servers. We can transcribe to any format that is agreed with the client and again sent back to the client securely. The audio can be destroyed or deleted according to the agreement that we sign with the client. We also accept medical transcription services that require Short Turn Around Time(s-TAT).

We are totally committed to 100% privacy and follow HIPPA standard strictly. All of our transcriptionists are well aware of the policies and have signed confidentiality agreements. All of them are assigned unique usernames and passwords so that we know who has worked with which document. We assure that all our files are encrypted and password protected.

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